Splice Histology:
We provide timely, high-quality, individual histopathology services when you need them.

Our Mission

Splice Histology provides individual histology services which consist of tissue processing, embedding, microtomy and H&E staining.  We’ve built Splice to support all histology labs that might need help staying caught up.  Many labs have been impacted by the severe staffing shortages with histology techs.  Splice will promote the histology profession by providing a high quality training program with a goal to create more histology technologists and technicians.

Why Now?

1. Aging population, increased cancer rates, expanding screening, as well as advancements in research have created an enormous demand for histology services.

2. Histotechnologist staffing shortages are at all time highs.

3. Histotechnologist staffing is projected to reduce 30-50% in the next three to five years.

Founder's Story

Tom and Mike have very different backgrounds, yet they are partners with complimentary skills and a single focus. Tom is a former Marine and laboratorian with more than 20 years in labs. Mike is a liberal arts graduate who has had a variety of professional experiences. Together they formed Splice Histology to address the capacity shortage of histology labs and histotechnologists.

mike and tom at the lab.

Mike and Tom at the lab.

What We Do

Tissue Processing

Cassettes containing tissue are placed into a processor that dehydrates, clears, and infiltrates the tissue (process takes two to twelve hours based on specimen size).

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Applies paraffin wax to the tissue and creates a solidified block

services image


Block is placed onto a microtome where thin layers of tissue are created and placed onto a glass slide.

services image


All slides are stained with a purple/pink Hematoxylin & Eosin stain to show pathologist the general structure of the tissue

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Our Partners

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